Home Buyers

What is your time worth? That is a question to consider when the idea of buying a home starts to surface. As a large, financial decision, there are many different factors at play, things to know, and processes to follow. It can be overwhelming – but this is why I’m here. Whether you are a new homebuyer reading up on the process or a current homeowner looking for something new, I can guide you through what you need to know.

What to expect

A preapproval helps us to stay within the budget that you have been approved for – we can still look at some places before this step, but a preapproval will help us greatly to continue forward. I’m happy to refer you to a broker to assist you in the process.

Is there a specific home type that you like? How many bedrooms do you need? What location do you want? Any specific features in a home that you love? Asking these questions helps to create your new home wishlist. Taking this list with your approved budget lets us begin to narrow down some options.

We can take as many viewings as needed to help you find the one. Don’t feel discouraged if you’re at 15-20 viewings, this is actually quite normal. You may find as well, as we begin looking, that your list will change and grow, which can also affect the number of viewings – also quite normal.

For first-time buyers, please feel free to invite your parents or other important influences in your life to bring their insights guidance along as well.

Multiple viewings of the same house are encouraged, especially if they make your list of favourites, and together we’ll narrow it down to the one.

I’ll be here with you every step of the way, especially making sure that we have each step in writing to keep track.

This can be the scary part when an offer is accepted, as it can involve a lot of paperwork and a lot of steps, involving lawyers and inspectors. Not to worry – I’m still here, guiding as needed and providing referrals to some of the top inspectors that I know.

The last steps to getting everything ready for your possession date.

Though bittersweet for me, this is the reward for you achieving a major milestone in your life.

No matter which steps in the process we may be in, I am always available for your questions. Each of my clients is given my cellphone number and my goal is to respond to you within 5 minutes of your message – even if my response is that I will respond after some digging for information. Open, frequent communication during this pivotal time is important and I make it my priority to you each step of the way.