Home Sellers

Real estate, to me, has always been more about the needs of current and prospective homeowners. When it comes to the sale of a home, I would much rather spend my efforts to push your listings to gain you a sale over me pushing myself as a realtor to get selling clients. Me gaining clients does not sell your house – but my work on advertising will.

What to expect

If you can provide me with your address and the year you purchased the home, I can create a free market evaluation: this is the potential selling price of your house, typically within a $20,000 range.

Seeing your home, whether in person or virtually, will help me to provide you with some recommendations to maximize both the saleability and the asking price for your house.

At no cost to you, and if interested, I can also bring in someone for a home stage consultation – again, to assist in the saleability of your home.

With the standard MLS listing process, I prepare materials to get your house ready for the market. These include a number of different options, depending on the house and how we can best showcase it (all at no cost to you):

  • Bringing in a professional photographer to take photos of the home
  • Record a 3D tour for virtual viewers
  • Bring in a videographer to take drone footage of the outside of the home (a great option for acreages or if located near popular amenities)

Using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, I post the photos and video material that were created of your house, sponsoring the posts to target audiences better. Each listing also includes open houses, a standard practice for me that has been met with higher success.

I’ll be here with you every step of the way, especially making sure that we have each step in writing to keep track.

Though different from selling a home, this is still a major milestone for you and one you should be proud of.

No matter which steps in the process we may be in, I am always available for your questions, with open and frequent communication as my priority.